What´s Lunatree?

Lunatree is a classical ensemble with a unique sound and the commitment of a band.
Seven musicians, notable in today's classical new music scene, each with a background in a different field of music, including chamber and early music, jazz, world music and musical theatre/performance art. In our concerts we like to link these musical worlds so that they feel related. It is one of the points that defines a Lunatree gig.

For our unusual line-up, consisting of clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, percussion and 2 singers, we rewrite & customise our music. Hence the highly personal sound of the group. A lot of our material we play by heart, so as to be closer to our audience.


Lunatree likes to team up with other groups and acts. To name just a few: Dutch standup comedian Freek de Jonge, multi-instrumentalist Son Lux,jazz-trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, Crowded House leader Neil Finn and the dancers of Club Guy & Roni. These collaborations are not just any cross-over project; Lunatree has the ability to blend and change musical style with the subtlety of a chameleon.  In other words, we have the ability to sound like an all-electrical pop band, but compositions by Satie or Pärt we play just as expressively.

A few notes on Lunapark, the genesis of Lunatree

2008/2009: Anthony Fiumara and Arnold Marinissen found the ensemble Lunapark, the first group to focus on 'digital folk music', as the founders proudly coin their invented genre. Lunapark excels in process music, ranging from minimal to intelligent dance music, but the ensemble plays more classical pieces too. Lunapark's playfield is always where chambermusic shades into pop.
collaborations with Eighth Blackbird, Steve Reich, Michael Nyman, en Tindersticks' Stuart Staples.

2011: release of Lunapark's first cd, "Flim", containing vibrant semi-accoustic adaptations of work by Intelligent Dance Music-composer Aphex Twin, and spherical music by Brian Eno, Arnold Marinissen, Anthony Fiumara, Michael Gordon en David Lang.

2013: release of Lunapark's second cd, "a beautiful bed to lie down in", for which Piet-Jan van Rossum's song cycle of the same name sets the tone, and which also features works by Marinissen, Fiumara, Louis Andriessen, Dubal McKinnon en Florian Magnus Maier.
for Naxos Records, Lunapark and pianist Ralph van Raat record the internationally acclaimed album 'Hard Cuts' focusing on the work of composer Frederic Rzewski.
Lunapark works with singer/songwriters as Puzzle Muteson, dance company Club Guy and Roni and Dutch philosopher Rob Wijnberg.

2014: Anthony Fiumara leaves the group to focus on his composition career. a core of Lunapark-musicians regroup into the smaller Lunatree, led by Arnold Marinissen. Lunatree plays less minimal repertoire and more new music. the group also shows its chameleontic skills in even more new crossovers, collaborating with standup comedian Freek de Jonge, jazz trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, pop-icon Neil Finn, and grand master of minimal music, Terry Riley.

2016: Arnold Marinissen and Piet-Jan van Rossum want to focus more fully on their composing and decide to resign their functions, while remaining close to the group as composers. at present Lunatree is made up by five instrumentalists, two singers and one manager, pursuing the same artistic line of the past years.